Joel's BookProgram: The Simple Secret To Writing A Non-Fiction Book In 30 Days, At 1 Hour A Day! - SECOND EDITION by Joel Orr

Joel's BookProgram: The Simple Secret To Writing A Non-Fiction Book In 30 Days, At 1 Hour A Day! - SECOND EDITION

by Joel Orr

112 pages
How to write your non-fiction book in 30 days.

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About the Book

If you are a solo professional, having your own book is one of the best investments of time and money you can make, to promote your business and gain more clients. Why?


* If you are an author, you are an authority--an expert in your field.
* A book is a tangible credential.
* Your book can differentiate you from your competition.
* It's an opportunity to explain your uniqueness, your "special sauce."

What's more:

* A book can be less expensive to produce than a decent brochure--as little as $1.20 for a 100-page book with a color cover, quantity 500.
* Even the nicest brochures are thrown away; people keep books.
* You can sell your book, and generate additional income.
* You can give your book to prospects, who will recognize its value.
* You can bundle your book with your speaking services, to add value (and raise your effective income: "Would you like a copy of my book for each of the 500 attendees you're expecting? I can let you have them at a special price..."

And perhaps most importantly: You can write a GOOD book in an amazingly short time! (If you follow the method that I've developed.)


I’ve written 11 books, and have been teaching people to write good books quickly for years. I’ve discovered something intriguing about the process: When a person writes a book, they put their expertise into a powerful structure.

A client of mine wrote a book about outsourcing–and now lectures widely on the subject, as well as writing articles. Another client wrote about how to maintain your health using old natural remedies, and is now promoting the subject in many different ways. (And his book hasn’t even been published yet!)


Something about my bookwriting process (Joel’s BookProgram™) helps authors sharpen their content and put in into a form that is easy for people to absorb. “Structure is destiny” is the slogan of Joel’s BookProgram™, and it is the structure that the author creates that makes the information crystal-clear.

And then the book contents can readily be transformed into all kinds of products–reports; e-books; CDs; DVDs; teleseminars; courses; and more! And those products can quickly turn into your “Internet information empire,” providing you with a variety of income streams.


Many of my authors have completed their books in under 30 days! Order "The Simple Secret To Writing A Non-Fiction Book In 30 Days, At 1 Hour A Day!" right away. And picture yourself handing your own book to a prospect, in just a short time!



About the Author
Joel Orr Joel Orr is a leading non-fiction book coach. He works with solo professionals to create their books quickly and professionally. Joel has partnered with many speakers and coaches, such as Alex Mandossian, Jeff Slayter, Kane Mincus, Milana Leshinsky, and is known as a "book midwife" to celebrities.


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