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“Adventure Travel Online Magazine. Sharing stories, trips, reviews and topics about adventure travel in North America.” Circ. online. Publishes stories daily. Buys all rights. No reprints. Responds within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Pays $0.07/word and up or $45-$75 a piece.

Current Needs:

“I am looking for people who can share winter travel, winter adventure, and winter outdoor stories. From snowshoeing to snowmobiling, to hiking, cross country, skiing, and ice fishing. If you’re active in the winter and have something to share we’d love to work with you. I would also love to have some off road enthusiasts – someone passionate about Jeeps or 4 runners or FJ cruisers or all of the above. Someone who can write about upgrades, mods, repairs and share their adventures and trail runs.” Pay “starts at $0.07/word on up and we like to pay from $45-$75 a piece (and more for content that is well written, from the heart and experienced first person). I would love a regular writer for winter adventures if such a person exists. I would love someone who has a story to tell and those stories flesh out however they fit in whatever work it takes. I’m not looking for blurbs. I’m looking for YOUR STORY. We are passionate about telling stories. If you can tell a great story in a few words, that’s fine but generally we go longer form and seek 500+ word articles.” Submit a cover letter with your bio, byline, web link, asking price/rate, email address, phone number and of course your attached submission in pdf, word, markdown or HTML. Anything NOT published will be returned, and you will retain exclusive rights.

Pay “starts at $0.07/word on up and we like to pay from $45-$75 a piece


“All submissions must include at least one hi res photo that is automatically adjusted/scaled for mobile, web, social sharing and cover to featured image. The more art/photos included, the better your piece generally does. Rights to use must be granted to Rockchucksummit. We prefer you own your photos or, if rights need to be negotiated, that you contact us.”


“Sell me your story! Tell me what YOU are worth. Let me know what YOU can bring to our audience and then we’ll work together to make that happen. I can bring you a fast website, state of the art analytics, reporting, online chat and discussions to work with peers and help monetize the content and reward authors that bring people to our website. We’ll work to grow our site and grow your business. My success is your success. Understand keywords, SEO, story telling and have a connection either growing or already established in what you write about.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes