“YOUR SISTER IS STUCK ON A MOUNTAIN.” When Your Mom Buries the Lede…

“YOUR SISTER IS STUCK ON A MOUNTAIN.” When Your Mom Buries the Lede…

(NOTE: “Lede” IS spelled correctly in the title of this post. If you don’t know that, Google it.)

Here is a text conversation I had with my mother last week.

Mom: Your sister and her family are stuck on a mountain. 10-30″ in snow heading their way.

Me: In their CAR?!?!?!?!

Mom: The problem is getting to the airport to fly out. They took a shuttle. It’s over a 2-hour drive.

Me: So they’re stuck on a shuttle bus on a mountain?!?!?!

Mom: (Sends me a graphic and link from Weather.com)

Me: MOOOOOMMMMM! Are they stuck in a vehicle on the mountain?!?!?!

Mom: They are stuck in a little cabin. I don’t know if they’re trying to find a way out or going to hunker in. When you look at the weather map, it looks like the storm is going to hit there. It may be too late to leave.

Me: Is it a cabin they are renting or did they find an empty cabin, and take shelter there?????

Mom: They rented the cabin. I have not heard from her since early this morning.

Me (still shaking): I’m sure they will be fine.

I had a nightmare that night that my sister and her family were trudging through waist-deep snow, covered with ice, and looking like a family of Yeti’s. They did indeed get out a couple of days later, and were able to fly home safely.

In other news, we have a new grandbaby arriving next week! I will be at the hospital on Monday to welcome Charly, and will be spending a few days with our daughter, son-in-law, and their kiddos to help out after Charly arrives. I’m sooooo excited! I haven’t held a baby in three years!! Please pray for our daughter and for Charly!! 🙂

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