When You Put Away ALL Your Christmas Stuff, and Then Find This…

When You Put Away ALL Your Christmas Stuff, and Then Find This…

On New Year’s Day, I had Max and Mason pull the empty Christmas boxes out of the attic. They then went outside to take down the snow people. I un-decorated and took down the Christmas tree, and then went all over the house, and gathered all the decorations, organized everything into the correct boxes, taped them up, and had the boys put the boxes back up in the attic.

Literally minutes later, I was walking through the kitchen, and found this on the fridge:

Where am I going to store that for the next year?!?! Ug!!!

On New Year’s Eve, our neighbors came over with their six kids and we had a blast! Max and Mason set off fireworks. I showed their kids our grandkids’ toy box. I was happy to share our Christmas candy with them (I’d rather them eat it than me!), and they were laughing at the funny ornaments we had on our Christmas tree.

I let one little girl take home the farting elf. I received a chick puppet for Christmas but another little girl fell in love with it so I let her take that home. Her sister texted me the next morning, saying she slept with it all night. I also let them have all of the root beer they wanted. When they were leaving, they asked if they could come back the next day to play with Auntie Angie again. 😉

We also had a dusting of snow one morning this week, which was beautiful!

The rest of our week has been very quiet, thank goodness. We are now hard at work serving our BookLocker authors who have new books coming out this month! It’s great to be back in our routine! 🙂



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