Wait Just a Dadgum Minute! Tornadoes Travel on Mountains?!

Wait Just a Dadgum Minute! Tornadoes Travel on Mountains?!


I don’t know why but I’ve always thought that tornadoes preferred flat land. You know, like in Dorothy’s hometown. I assumed tornadoes didn’t like mountains. Buying a house on a mountain sounded like a much better idea than buying one in a valley.

After we made an offer on this house, we met the inspector here a couple of days later. When he was in the garage, which is connected to the basement, he pointed to one corner, and said, “THAT is your safe space! REMEMBER THAT!”

We looked at each other. Huh???

He continued, “When them twisters hit, you come RIGHT HERE! Got that? Southwest corner. Underground. Safe space!” He turned, and went back to work.

I said, “Um, you mean tornadoes hit the tops of mountains?”

I thought he was going to pee himself laughing. He shook his head, and once again got back to work.

In the mayhem of the inspection, the house-buying paperwork, packing, moving, and more, I forgot all about the conversation…until yesterday.

Pastor Dennis, from Trenton United Methodist Church, came for lunch, and brought another pastor with him. When I told our daughter that two pastors were coming for lunch, she said, “What did you do NOW, Mom?!?!”

Turns out I didn’t do anything…yet. Just give me some time.

They came to get to know us better and they wanted Brian to help build the new community garden. We had a lovely lunch! I made muffulettas, and served those with potato salad, and chips and dip. The potato salad was store bought. I put it in a bowl, and sprinkled parsley flakes on top. Looked homemade!! Same with the store bought dip. Yes, I know. I’m going to Hell.

Anyway, Pastor Reece started talking about the tornado that was on top of Sand Mountain (OUR MOUNTAIN!!) back in 2011. He said people on the mountain watched it descend into the valley and it caused considerable damage in Alabama and Georgia. Trenton was hit particularly hard.

He then whipped out his phone, tapped the screen a few times, and showed us THIS VIDEO.


I was pondering this last night. We moved from hurricanes to tornadoes. Hurricanes and tropical storms take days to hit (except the surprise one that we had one fateful day at the marina). So, you spend DAYS preparing and, worse, literally freaking out, wondering if you’re going to have a home, or even be alive, after it hits.

With a tornado, you only have to freak out for a few minutes! The outcome is the same. You either lose everything (or you don’t), and you die (or you don’t).

Knowing all of that, I choose tornadoes.

And, I sure am glad we’re here, especially after Hurricane Elsa dealt a glancing blow to St. Petersburg this week! Our friends and loved ones are fine, thank Heaven. 🙂

POSTSCRIPT: I sent the link to this article to Pastor Dennis. Yes, it was a confession. So, maybe now I won’t go to Hell for the potato salad and dip thing. I also made my giant chocolate chip cookies. They were genuinely homemade. Cross my heart and hope to die…but NOT in a tornado!!



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2 Responses to "Wait Just a Dadgum Minute! Tornadoes Travel on Mountains?!"

  1. Chris Hanly  July 11, 2021 at 7:22 pm

    LOL welcome to the real south. Lightning storms tornadoes mud slides flooding brown recluse spiders black widows poisonous snakes overalls mobile homes no signal on phones gizards not lizards and so soo much more. Hugs and love to ya’ll.

    • By Angela Hoy - Publisher of WritersWeekly.com  July 12, 2021 at 4:12 pm

      Ha ha ha ha! You just cracked us all up!! Hey, since you’re in the know….Brian is wondering if underwear is required under overalls? He just ordered his first pair. Ha ha ha!!!