The Ghouls Are Out!

The Ghouls Are Out!

We had a great time decorating the yard for Halloween! Max and Mason made some cute headstones out of cardboard. I told them to watch out for rain, and to bring them in if it starts sprinkling. Just 24 hours later, we had a major drenching and, well, it looks like we’re gonna need more headstones!

There are still plenty of ghosts hanging from the trees and Max put a zombie on top of the mailbox just for the mail lady. I’m sure she was thrilled. The exterminator was here today, performing our annual termite inspection. He looked pretty creeped out by my horror doll collection, which is tastefully displayed in a lighted cabinet by the front door. Heh…


When we walked into the mall, Mason sniffed, and said, “It smells like Dicks in here. I mean the store Dicks.”

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