Boy, oh boy, oh boy! In just three days, it’ll be my favorite holiday of the year! My mom is arriving this weekend and I’m so excited because she’s never experienced a real, storybook New England Halloween – blowing leaves, frigid wind, gobs of people and the entire neighborhood going waaaay overboard with the decorations. It is AWESOME!!!

I’ve been very busy creating horror babies over the past few weeks. What’s that, you ask? Well, here’s a sampling. WARNING – THESE PHOTOS MAY OFFEND SOME FOLKS, INCLUDING YOUNG CHILDREN. (Heh…)


The ones on the right have glow-in-the-dark horns and fangs. For Halloween, we’ll be carrying some of the scariest horror babies in baby packs while trick-or-treating.

I didn’t post pictures of the goriest ones because, um, I’m sure I’d get some complaints. If you really, really, really want to see them (along with a few other family Halloween photos), and if you have a strong stomach and a really, really good sense of humor, and if you promise not to send me any complaints by email about being offended, or getting sick, or thinking Halloween is “evil” (boy, I’ve really got your curiosity going now, don’t I?!), remember that it’s all in good horrific fun…and then, if you dare, click HERE.


This week’s Maxism:

“I’d like to travel back in time right now…to the last time I ate a hamburger.”


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