That Story About the Extremely Lifelike Doll in the Hot Car!

There was another story in the news this week about a lifelike doll being left in a hot car. A police officer arrived on the scene, broke the window, and attempted to perform CPR. That’s when he realized the “baby’s” skin was offering no resistance.

The doll in question was a “reborn” doll. They are very expensive, with the most lifelike ones costing upwards of $1,000, $2000, or even more on ebay.

Why do people buy these dolls? Hopefully, parents aren’t spending this type of money on a toy for their children. Some women (and even men) collect these like other folks collect expensive art. Some use them as a therapeutic replacement for a lost child. And, some people (like me) just really like dolls.

What makes them so lifelike? Some of the dolls start out as inexpensive, plain dolls from a store (the ones that have realistic faces, of course). The dolls are dismantled and the “skin” is dyed, inside and out to give it a more realistic hue, along with some imperfections. For example, real newborns usually have somewhat mottled skin, not perfect, pink skin. Cosmetics and/or paints are used to create lifelike features, like a blue tinge on the eyelids and even light veins on parts of the body. Some insert hair into the plastic scalps using special tools. (I poked a hole in my hand doing that!) The bodies are usually weighted on the inside for a more realistic feel. Some reborn artists add realistic fingernails and toenails, and even insert eyebrows and eyelashes, one-by-one, directly into the vinyl. Some of these dolls have a device inside that emits the sound of a heartbeat. There are other really creative and even creepy options.

Some people create horror reborns, complete with horns, fangs and other terrifying body parts. Being a Halloween fanatic, I have a particular fondness for those!

A few years ago, I wrote the ebook, “How to Reborn a Doll in a Day (”

If you want to try your hand at reborning, grab a copy. I reduced the price this week to only $4.99 because I knew I’d be writing this article. Incidentally, I earned thousands of dollars selling that book on several years ago!

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I have a Max-ism for you this week. Max (age 14) is an aspiring horror film maker. He wants to graduate from college, become an engineer on movie sets and, eventually, make his own commercial films. In the meantime, he uses special software to produce and edit the movies, and utilizes his vast collection of props that he collects to make funny films for YouTube. The other day, I asked him what he wants for his birthday.

He replied, “A gift certificate to I need to buy a Kermit I can burn.”

You can see one of Max’s funny movies HERE.


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