Our First Corn Field!

Our First Corn Field!

I know that growing a small cornfield isn’t very economical. It’s actually cheaper to buy corn on sale at the grocery store than to grow your own limited supply. After the time spent tilling, planting, and watering (and the water bill, of course), it’s more expensive if you’re not doing it on a large scale. Why? Because each tall, beautiful corn stalk usually only produces one or two ears. No kidding!

Still, I love corn fields. How beautiful they are, and how they wave in the wind, and sound in the wind. So, I bought several varieties of corn seed a few months ago. We couldn’t start planting non-frost-hardy plants outside until last week. And, of course, the night after we moved several seedlings outdoors, we received a frost warning on our phones. It was supposed to be 38 that night. But, it dipped down to 33. Shwew!!!

So, with several corn seedlings at the ready (they’re bursting out of their pots), Brian started tilling the new “corn field” today, and making videos for the grandbabies so they can see how it’s done.

The video is very important because the very first corn seedlings were planted by them! They’re going to be so happy in a few months when their seedlings produce cobs. They LOVE corn!!

Last night, we spent two hours working in the community garden. The yard long beans, bush beans, okra, and zucchini squash are in the ground now, along with several items that others on the garden committee have planted over the past couple of weeks. The harvests will be donated to the local food bank.

In the greenhouse, the baby bok choy (which grows really fast!!) is already bolting so, instead of plucking out leaves for our salads, we’re going to harvest the whole lot, and plant more seeds. Last week, we planted full-sized bok choy in the garden because we like it so much.

And, we’re having salad every other night now (as opposed to every third night) because we can’t eat the greenhouse lettuce fast enough. It’s salad on steroids out there right now!! We might start developing rabbit teeth soon so I’m going to ask our neighbor, Regina, if she wants some.



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