Being Sick Means We Don’t Have to Go ANYWHERE! Yea!!!

Being Sick Means We Don’t Have to Go ANYWHERE! Yea!!!

Brian started cratering last Tuesday. It started with a sore throat and fatigue. The next afternoon, he was coughing violently. He only ran a low-grade fever but his coughing was AWFUL. I had him quarantined in the bedroom. And, that night, I whipped up a big batch of homemade chicken noodle soup with extra onions and garlic.

On Thursday afternoon, Max and I were tending to Mason’s (soon to be) giant pumpkin. We needed to spread out the tarp wider, and put sand under the pumpkin. Max was bending over, holding the pumpkin about an inch above the ground, and grunting, “Mom, please hurry!” I think it’s only 15-20 lbs right now but it’s gotta be hard to hold it in that position.

Anyway, we watered the entire plant, and then came upstairs to sit on the porch before he had to leave for work. When he left, I gave him a big hug (that was probably a mistake) and I came back to my computer. And, that’s when I noticed it. A tiny tickle in my throat. UH OH!

I immediately went to the bathroom and took the first dose of our vitamin regimen, which is:

1,000 mg Vitamin C – morning and night
5,000 iu’s of Vitamin D – morning and night
Multivitamin – Once a day
EZC Pak – Per the instructions on the box. This is something new we added to the regimen when Covid came around.

Sometimes, if you start the regimen early enough, literally within minutes of the first symptom, you can avoid getting the full-blown illness, or getting sick at all!

I also started drinking plenty of water, and I took a nap (rest heals!). When I got up from my nap, my throat was hurting pretty bad. It went from a tickle to feeling like a had a golf ball sized burning pain back there. Greeeeeeat…. A couple of hours later, I developed a light cough. I took another doze of the EZC Pak, and I took more C and D at bedtime.

On Friday morning, I woke up with NO sore throat at all! And, I am feeling fit as a fiddle today (Saturday).

Since Brian was down for the count, and I’d been exposed, I ordered groceries for delivery this week. We had to skip church on Thursday. I cancelled my doctor appointment (shoulder pain). It was nice and cool outside this week and today we have a steady drizzle of rain.

Brian is back working at his computer but that’s all I will let him do. He’s getting a bit of cabin fever.

Every day this week, while we’ve been stuck at home, we’ve had movies playing non-stop and, I have to admit, it hasn’t been too bad at all! Well, not so bad for me. Brian’s coughing, while better, still sounds pretty awful.

Our neighbor’s son in sick with a dry cough. Our daughter and three grand babies are finally over their latest bout with Covid, thank the Good Lord, though our daughter is still hoarse.

Next week, I’ll give more info. and post some pics of Mason’s beautiful pumpkin!!



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