Thanks, Angela, Richard, and BookLocker!

Thanks, Angela, Richard, and BookLocker!

Dear Angela and Richard,

Thank you so much for all your patience, advice, and guidance in helping to bring Bridge of Sighs and Dreams to market. I will be forever grateful for your kindness and expertise. I am also grateful to Todd Engel for his patience and for designing the perfect cover. Certainly I look forward to working with you again when I complete my next novel. You are all amazing!!!

My very best wishes!

Pamela Allegretto
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams


As someone who has worked with more than a dozen publishers in getting out more than three dozen books (including multiple editions) as well as one previously self-published book, I can’t begin describe what a pleasure it has been in working with you and your colleagues in this production stage.

Hopefully, what follows will be equally satisfying.

Vince Parrillo


COMMENTS ON: PART IV – The Romantic History of WritersWeekly and BookLocker by Angela Hoy

What an inspiring story, Angela. I have read your column since before Mason was born, and I was only dreaming of the freedom of working from home and writing fulltime. Now that Iíve been doing that for more than ten years, I still read your column the way one would read a letter from an old friend. Keep them coming.

Bonnie H