LETTERS REGARDING: The Ebook Trend is Definitely WANING! NOW WHAT?!

LETTERS REGARDING: The Ebook Trend is Definitely WANING! NOW WHAT?!

COMMENTS ABOUT: The Ebook Trend is Definitely WANING! NOW WHAT?!

Hi Angela,

I enjoyed the article on the waning sales of e-books. Like you, I also have an e-reader and still love print books. At first, I loved my e-reader. But, I also love the benefits of paper. The smell, touch, and even look of one on a shelf. But no matter the advances in e-books, I’ve found my aging eyes do get strained from reading screens too long.

My way of deciding when to buy an e-book vs. paper is simple. To me it’s almost sacrilegious to throw away a paper book. Yet, these days they don’t seem to resell well at garage sales–even if put in a “freebie” bag. So, I’ve come to decide that if it’s a book I’m certain I might read many times from a loved author, or a collectible such as a limited edition, or one I want to get the author to sign, I’ll purchase it in print. And, if I come across an e-book I really wish I had in print, yes, I will go to the added expense of repurchasing it in print. But, it has to be pretty special to do that. Now, I save not having to keep printed books I know I no longer want to read from the trash pile.

Karen Carver
Lawrence, KS


Hi Angela,

I like the article on eBooks, and it underscores what we have found at our book signing/gun show events. Ninety percent of the people that stop by our table like printed books, and the rest generally take a card for access to the eBook links on  our website. Looking at the eBook sales
that we see, there is a correlation between show dates and sales online, which are never very strong.

Kindest Regards,

Will Dallas, author
Night Wind

COMMENTS ABOUT: After Writing for Free, Nobody Wants to Pay Me! Am I Blacklisted?!

Great advice, Angela. I would just add that we travel writers often don’t get paid for our articles, or are paid a token fee, but we use them as collateral to get press trips to exotic destinations that would have cost us thousands of dollars. So, at least if you’re going to write articles for free, try to land some perks.

-Roy Stevenson


I agree that we writers should not write for free, but if we make an exception (in my case it was for Habitat for Humanity), I don’t say I did it for free. I have been a freelancer for over 30 years. It is getting harder to make any money, but other than the above instance (volunteer work) I will NOT write for free; it would degrade my reputation and also it is a bottom line decision.

-Sherry Hanson


I also write for a religious site for free, but I list it as volunteer work. This separates it from my list of jobs and I haven’t found it an issue.

– Lorelei Nettles

COMMENT ABOUT: WILL WRITE FOR FOOD! Secrets of a Professional Mystery Shopper By Cathy Stucker

I met Cathy Strucker years ago at a mystery shop convention, and purchased her well-written book. I only have one caution about doing some restaurant mystery shops. I once signed up to mystery shop a casual restaurant. As I began reading the instructions, it seemed like they wanted an awful lot of detail. I began to copy and paste their ìexpected sample paragraphî for each section. Then I did a word count – 1,800 words. Yikes! I was only getting reimbursed $35 for the shop with no shop fee. Needless to say, I cancelled the shop. I do shop other types of retail locations and only do food shops with minimal narratives. If you have never mystery shopped before, I would begin with shops that do not have long narratives.

– Barbara Haiss Martin


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