Five Unique Freelance Writing Jobs By Michael Brown

Five Unique Freelance Writing Jobs By Michael Brown

It’s not always easy to translate thoughts into words, and oftentimes as a freelance writer, it’s not even your thoughts that need to be translated, it is somebody else’s. Sometimes, the topics are familiar and sometimes they are dumbfounding. Quite often, it’s not a surprise to see a freelance writer wearing strange wigs or doing strange things during a write-up to get a “feel” of the unusual writing job that has been given to them. Here is a list of five unusual yet lucrative freelance writing jobs available to freelance writers:

Property Descriptions

Some of the unusual freelancing writing jobs that are offered to freelancers include writing descriptions for houses and other properties on sale for real estate agents. These agents might love selling the houses and enjoy looking and understanding the property to try to match it to the right client, but they are not always able to put that on paper. Hence, they hire freelance writers. For this job, the freelancer needs to have an interest in architecture, design and properties in general. The real estate agent supplies the details and the freelancer writes shimmering details about the property.

Writing Sermons

Another unusual job involves writing heart rendering sermons. You would be surprised to know that some pastors need help in writing their own sermons. That heart melting, soul-changing sermon might not be the exact words of your beloved pastor. The ideas are his, but he just needs a little help in translating them onto paper. The freelancer who likes to read and write about theology and biblical verses should enjoy this type of writing job.


Freelancers are also approached to write biographies of famous, infamous, and rich people. These people want the world to know their story, but do not know how to tell it. In comes a freelancer like yourself to tell their story and also make them look good, even though they might have been naughty. For this job, a general knowledge and interest in these celebrities is needed. Writing biographies is also one of the most lucrative writing assignments open to freelancers. For instance, the person who wrote a major U.S. political figure’s memoirs was reportedly paid close to $500,000 to write the book.

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Greeting Cards

The art of squeezing 100 words into 10 to express one’s emotions and feelings is a very difficult task to achieve, not mastered by many writers. Writing greeting cards is another writing job that freelancers can do at times. Examples of greeting cards include writing a few lines expressing eternal love, pure joy, words of encouragement, blessings, and a funny one-liner (a job for freelancers who are comedians or humor writers).

Personal Correspondence

I saved one of the most bone-tickling unusual freelance writing jobs for last, and that is personal correspondence. Have you ever imagined that maybe that letter you received was not really written by the person you got it from? There are some executives working in big companies, raking in millions, that are not able to express even one word on paper. They hire freelancers to handle their personal and professional correspondence.

Overall, writing is hard work, but sometimes this hard work becomes very enjoyable due to unusual jobs offered to freelancers. Writers may want to skip the usual writing jobs such as writing web content, and take up unusual, more enjoyable, and lucrative writing assignments such as property descriptions, sermons, biographies, greeting cards, and personal correspondence pieces.

Michael Brown is an experienced freelance writer who has been writing since 2007. He also has passion writing about Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing.