Letters and Comments for 09/06/17

Letters and Comments for 09/06/17



He is beautiful. Love the hair! Congratulations to all, blessings on the new family.

-Laura L. Lander

Congratulations! Jack is a cutie and love his name. Sorry about the long labor but glad he’s here now. When he sleeps, you rest too. Blessings to the whole family! Thanks for sharing pictures – love seeing them. Ali, we still remember your thoughtfulness when our daughter had Grave’s Disease. So happy for you and Justin!

– Diane Craver

Congratulations! The Relfs never do things easily, either! Blessed be, Mazeltov, and sending love and Reiki for your daughter’s healing from surgery. What a joy it is to have a new member of the family! May you all know the joy that new life brings!

– Terrie Leigh Relf

Congratulations to all of you! Yes, he is beautiful. So great that you took all those pictures. Best wishes as you all continue your make your way through the jungle of life.

Lovely family.

– Patricia Plake

AWE! An adorable baby.

But don’t count on that curly hair staying there. Sometimes, what you see at birth is just a ‘fooler’ and will morph into — well, who-knows-what later on.

– Wendy Jones

He is adorable. I could be wrong here, but I think I’m spotting a pretty proud grandma nearby this cute couple. Congratulations on your new family member.

– Kathy Finfrock

Congratulations to all the Hoys! My children were both born the same way…At 38 and 40 now, they’re happy, healthy and yours will be too.

– Jim Lawrence

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  1. pamelaallegretto  September 15, 2017 at 11:58 am

    Congratulations! he is perfectly yummy!