Letters and Comments For 02/19/2016

Letters and Comments For 02/19/2016

COMMENTS REGARDING: Did My Article Put FOUR Magazines Out of Business?!

Thanks for the entertaining and uplifting article! You have proven that tenacity and faith in your writing skills pays off! Cheers!

– Pamela Allegretto
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

Wendy, we’ve all been there. Thanks for sharing a fantastic example of the humor, patience and prevailing positivity required to make a go of freelancing.

There have been times when I feared my profile person would DIE before an interview finally made it to print. The general public has no idea how long many submissions take to make it through the pipeline. At least the magazines who thwarted your publishing victory had a good excuse – folding – for not running your story.

There is a special corner of publishing hell reserved for the worst offenders: magazine editors and publishers who run stories and don’t pay writers as promised. And there is a spacious lounge in heaven for publishers like Angela Hoy and those of her ilk who value, respect and champion ethical practices like paying writers a fair price on time!

Wishing you the best, always, my fellow scribe!

– Cyndi Perkins

Really fascinating story. I guess that jinx ends now, because there’s no way WritersWeekly is going to fold.

– Mai Bantog

COMMENTS ABOUT:  If This Article Offends You, You’re Not a Professional Writer

You rock! In other words, are direct and to the point. And, that is what I admire most about my publisher. Well, I also think you are a sweet person and a great mom. I will be sure to check, and double check my manuscript for spelling, punctuation, linguistic errors and all before I submit. Six illustrations to go! YAHOO! PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.

– Deborah Midkiff

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