Letters and Comments for 01/04/18

Letters and Comments for 01/04/18


Because We Refuse to Buy Bad Articles, Now We’re RACISTS?!

Funny, funny, funny. I was able to guess what most meant, although I had the most trouble with Asian characters. Writing in a non-mother-tongue language is a challenge, certainly. And writing in the foreign tongue helps greatly in learning the language.

 – Bonnie McCune

TERRIFIC piece about refusing to buy badly written articles. My God, you hit the nail on the head time after time, and I am so thankful that someone has finally addressed this issue. You keep up the good work, my man, and to hell with Scolding Sally!

– Charles Culbertson

Aaaahhh!!! From Extravagant Spending to a Christmas for Minimalists

Angela, you are spot on! Thank you for sharing! I also believe that there is definitely a connection between all the stuff we get for Christmas that we really don’t need and the clutter in our homes. We need to celebrate by enjoying the company of friends and family and sharing meals together. Just think of how less stressful this time of year could be.

 – Jane Walz


Becoming a Full Time Freelance Writer Takes Time, Planning, and Work. Here’s How I Did It!!

I like to pick my own subjects for research/writing and for creative writing. As long as someone else is telling you what to write, you are still working for that someone else. I prefer to follow in the footsteps of such authors as Geoffrey Chaucer and Wallace Stevens, who had full-time careers and did their writing in their free time. Now I’m retired from my navy job all my time is free and I write and publish just what I want to and will always have money. Good for you for doing what you wanted – I did too!

 – Mr. Peter Garland M. A.

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  1. Helen Hill  January 4, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    Re; Getting a Press Pass. A professional freelance writer can get a press pass by joining a local or national professional association such as SPJ (Society for Professional Journalists) which now has an active freelance division. Membership cost should be a taxable deduction for real writers.

    I must add a comment to the writer’s remark “Also, the sooner you get your credentials, the better the perks, which may include free parking, and free “gifts.” Free gifts are nice but are limited or not allowed by some publications. Savvy freelancers should tread carefully if they want to retain their professional reputation.