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A Scum Term Paper Mill Owes You Money? Now, Really… What Did You Expect?

Hi Angela, The whole Term Paper Mill always reminds me of a married man or woman who cheats on their spouse, divorces the spouse and marries the man or woman they cheated with - and later are so upset and dismayed when their new spouse cheats on them. Duh, what did you expect? Pat Brown http://www.pabrown.ca http://www.livejournal.com/users/pabrown/ --- Hi Angela-- I'm one of your loyal subscribers and a fellow writer and I just wanted to email KUDOS!!! for your opinion on Scum Term Paper Mills. Sadly, the people (who have some nerve calling themselves "writers") who write for these outfits deserve whatever they get as obviously they have no conscience, nor respect for their own writing. Christine Ochadlick …

More About Selling Your Books on eBay

I have also sold some books on eBay, but not as many as you did. I have an ebook on the topic of homeschooling. I listed it first under two categories - non-fiction and education / homeschooling, which is, unfortunately, in the "everything else" category on eBay where no one goes. I sold more copies under the non-fiction category than in the homeschooling category, so when the auction ended I listed it again only in non-fiction. I sold maybe 10 or 15 copies as ebooks before sales slowed. I didn't use the featured item, only a gallery photo. You've inspired me, though. It's almost summer, and that means more people are looking at homeschooling as an option for the next school year. I need to get the book ready to sell again for those who may be interested. Christina Routon http://home.alltel.net/clr1971/book.htm

Selling Your Books on eBay

As for the eBay thing... Being a doll collector, I buy most of my stuff on eBay, and I've sold some there, too. And I also collect books (mainly older books, first editions, or special editions), so I know what you mean about it being better to list a book in the subject category! The books category is HUGE and most people don't take the time to wade through it. Although I haven't published any books yet, I do know enough about the eBay market to know that you're giving darn good advice. Anyway, great issue this week - thanks! Sincerely, Katharine S. Leppert http://www.katharineswan.com --- Hi Angela, Just wanted to let you know I read your eBay article in this week's WritersWeekly.com newsletter. You inspired me to get out an old e-book I published a few years ago, "dust it off," revise it and get it up on eBay. I listed it yesterday, and sold my first one today! I expect there will be many more orders to come. Thanks for the great article, and for everything else you and Richard do. You sure make life so much easier for us small writers and publishers! Hugs, John …

This Editor Is UNREAL!!!

Angela: I just got this from an editor about whether she "pays" or not. I've never read anything like it, it's just too hilarious: Dear Roy, Unfortunately, the only monetary exchange that comes out of our publication is me paying our host to provide us the server. I wish I could pay! If you live close by, I can let you play with our puppy, she is really adorable, but other than that, just for the love of the game.... J. (end) I guess if I were to get 2 acceptances from them, I could babysit their dog eventually. Roy A. Barnes …

Letters To The Editor For April 12th

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Letters To The Editor For March 29th

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Letters To The Editor For March 15th

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  • Writer Receives $500 For Unauthorized Use Of Her Work
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Mrs. Hoy, I'm sure you get many notes of thanks, so here's just another. I've gotten your e-newsletter for years now. I was a writer for a trade magazine in what seems like a previous life. Writing fell off the face of MY planet for over four years and I tucked away the newsletters I received in a nice electronic folder for "someday". Finally I've picked up some of my old stories and have started seriously reviewing available markets and getting legitimate (and illegitimate) ideas down on paper. "Freelance" is a scary beast with sharp teeth to me, but it would be completely unapproachable without information from WritersWeekly. It gives me the courage I need to go slay the dragon... or at least wave my sword around and get the dragon riled up enough to hopefully provide some flaming rejection letters! Sincerely, Toby Linzmeier Writer/Farmer …

Letters To The Editor For February 22nd

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  • Convicted Felons Need Not Apply
  • Red Flag Phrases To Avoid In Freelance Help Wanted Ads
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Writing For Non-Profits For Free

Hi Angela, I really appreciated the advice that was given about writing for non-profits. Here's the way I put it to the large non-profit I did some editing for last summer, after I was asked if I could donate 30 hours of my time, because the writers I would be working with--all employed by a teaching institution--were donating theirs: "This is how I make a living. I cannot afford to take on a large project for free." I did give them a slightly reduced rate, but only because I felt comfortable doing so. I absolutely agree that non-profits need to understand writing is a professional service like any other. Having said that much, if the non-profit is local and run by volunteers, I may well donate an hour or two of time, because I do believe in giving back to the community, but in that case I'm very up-front about what I will and will not do. As far as the Red Cross director's salary--in my humble opinion, no one at all working for any non-profit deserves that kind of salary--it's not as if they're paying for their travel, etc., because those are all business expenses. A quarter of that amount, okay, which would put them on a par with university presidents, etc. But they shouldn't be profiting personally off donations made to help the unfortunate. Keep up the good work. Kathy …

When Authors are Jerks

Dear Angela- I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed your column regarding Jerks masquerading as Authors-in fact, I often enjoy your columns. Victoria Grossack http://www.tapestryofbronze.com --- Right (write) on Angela. Jerks waste time, money and energy and merely take advantage. I've been in business over 20 years, as an outsource to business and individuals, and we have learned to listen for the key words that announce "I am a jerk." As soon as we hear them we say "no" to whatever they want. This practice has seen us through quite well. Once in a while we make a mistake and take on a jerk. As soon as he/she/company identifies their true self, we tell them we don't want their work. I have never regretted it, nor found it hurt our business. A very successful, long-term attorney, now retired said he didn't think a business could operate that way, but after watching our company, he wishes he'd done that during his legal career. Ethel Geary …

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