Letters To The Editor For November 8th

Press Releases Are Boring – News Is Not

Hi Angela,

Your article about press releases, Press Releases Are Boring – News Is Not, was right on. I followed your advice and my story made the front page! They are going to run another story tied to Jep’s Place next issue.

Thanks for the great advice. It worked. As soon as the mailman delivered the paper, a woman read the outhouse story and came knocking on my door to buy a book.

Joe Parzych
Jep’s Place: Hope, Faith, and Other Disasters

Please Don’t Offer To Write Articles For A Measly $2!


That $2.00 article story was unbelievable, what a jerk!!!

Lance Winslow
Also an Article Writer

You Helped Me Start Over Again

Hi, Angela,

I don’t know whether you think this a Letter to the Editor or a private note.

Regardless, I wanted you to know that I downloaded your book, Profitable Email Publishing about e-zines and found a whole new world of fun.

We worked together about two years ago when you published my novel, Sophie. That was a much-needed learning experience in the world of online publishers and publishing. I haven’t published anything further, but not for want of trying with another novel, either in the commercial world or online. When I’m ready, I’m certain I’ll return to BookLocker.

But this note is about your book, which inspired me to turn from just blogging (never tried it) to publishing an e-zine. I also went to HostCentric.com as you recommended and found their site extremely helpful and easy to navigate–once I got the hang of it!

I’m not going into business, nor am I setting up a database. I’m just learning for now and having fun with it as a family enterprise. It’s all free, and I intend to ask friends for their thoughts when I have enough on https://www.grandmajudyg.com to make reading worthwhile. If they like it, they may put it into their own e-mail lists, and so on. I know it will be fun.

Thanks again.

Judith Gelber



I just wanted to let you know what a joy it is to write for WritersWeekly. Your emails before and after accepting a query or article are timely–and your payment is downright speedy! The articles I write always generate private emails from your readers, too. And when I wrote From Unpublishable to Profitable,I discovered a new way to track the popularity of your newsletter: I received a ton of orders for The Easy Way to Write & Sell eBooks.

Thanks again for providing the great newsletter…and for being a terrific editor to work for.

Kind regards,
Kristina Seleshanko