My Email Was Hijacked…

Dear Angela,

I hope you will print this heads-up to all writers:

I have been supporting myself with my writing completely for a good many years. About six months ago, my work ceased; it just stopped cold. At first I thought it was just a lull; but it didn’t get better. It just went on and on. I received no responses from any jobs I applied for-nothing at all! I tried, but was unable to find outside employment. I didn’t even find much help at the food stamp office; they told me to “go out and get a job.”

If it hadn’t been for my relatives and friends, I would have starved, been evicted, or both.

A fluke occurred a few days ago. Someone sent my friend a bunch of Spam, using MY email address, and he notified me immediately.

If it hadn’t been for this incident, I would still be in the dark as to what happened to my career.

Apparently, someone infiltrated my email and was using it to spam other people. As a result, I was placed on a Spam list and all the emails I sent out were either being deleted, or hitting a bulk file.

I immediately deleted all my emails and got one on a more secure site. I also changed all my identifying information.

I had no idea that this could happen.

I wanted your writers to know this.