Letters To The Editor For September 13th

Excuses, Excuses…

Are you ever surprised that these deadbeat editors continually find excuses NOT to pay their writers?

I guess some of them must have been lawyers in previous lives.


Peter J. Gallanis
CraneWorks Magazine
Lift Applications & Equipment Magazine
Milo Media

Unite And Boycott!

Let me thank you for revealing and standing up for writers and aspiring writers. I am so discouraged by some of these trade magazines, etc. that pay nothing or next to nothing and, to add insult to injury, they want all rights. Unless writers of all levels of experience unite and boycott these places, there will be no future for anyone in freelance writing. Someone needs to begin a list of “publishers – don’t waste your time”. As for myself I have already started my own Blacklist.

Publishers. If they begin to lose their contributors then perhaps they may change, although I suspect they would simply let their magazine or whatever go bankrupt.