Letters To The Editor For June 7th

Writing From Home After Baby

Dear Angela,

I wanted to thank you and Richard for your hard work on Writersweekly.com. After having my baby in November, I decided to stay home and pick up writing again after a career as an information architect (I had written for CNN.com and a few regional mags over the years, but not consistently). I backtracked through all the archived articles (yes — ALL of them) and bought your book, Query Letters That Worked!. I’m now writing for several different publications, including Daily Candy, Not For Tourists, and some trades, and hope to jump to even more over the summer. Without the archive of articles and success stories and your book, I’d still be biting my nails and in wishing-and-hoping mode.

Melissa Diskin

Mara’s Cookbook Course

I had actually written and self-published a cookbook before taking this course. I wish I had reversed the order. What I have learned in just 6 weeks is amazing. Mara Rogers knows what’s cooking!

Larry Irons