Letters To The Editor For October 4th

Site User Stole My Content!

Regarding last week’s Ask The Expert.

I had a similar situation. I found that part of my online serial book, https://www.glamroad.com, had been copied by a MySpace user. Although I was flattered (imitation is the sincerest form), I didn’t want her claiming it as her own. I found out it was a teenager and posted a comment on her blog and sent her a private message, which is allowed if you sign up for a free MySpace account. Funny how quickly words like “copyright infringement” can get a teenager to act. My friend who is a teacher suggested I should also contact her school, but I didn’t take it that far. I did e-mail MySpace directly but never heard from them.

Devon Dudgeon
The Glamorous Road to Being Fabulously Successful: https://www.glamroad.com



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