Pant! Pant!! Electronic AND Audio Editions of an Erotic Novel? Yes! Oh, Yes!! by Ralph Greco, Jr.

Pant! Pant!! Electronic AND Audio Editions of an Erotic Novel? Yes! Oh, Yes!! by Ralph Greco, Jr.

It really might just come to down to the old adage of “never burning your bridges.” What I just brokered between a long time publisher of my stuff and a new one, is a testament to what can happen to a writer over what he has, and what he can make anew.

In 2009, I began a wonderful publishing relationship with Jean Marie Stine and her Renaissance eBooks. Jean Marie has been a writer/publisher for years. She goes way back, in fact, with classic science fiction of the 60’s and the “Sizzler” arm of Renaissance eBooks has made great strides in specifically publishing erotica in eBook form. I was, and have continued to be flattered, and pleased as punch to have my themed short story collections and other fiction (even some non-erotica) published by Jean Marie.

Spreading myself around as I usually do (and I would suggest pretty much every writer should be doing these days – the facility of the Internet allows us to do so pretty well), I came across Jim Loftin of Wordwooze publishing. Jim has actually been published by Jean Marie. He knows, respects, and has warm cockles for her (and what is life without warm cockles, really?)? He approached me about possibly getting my eBook erotica published with Jean-Marie into audio books.

Last year, I placed a short story collection exclusively with Jim and he converted it to audiobook after releasing the eBook version.
“Very few publishers of erotica convert the titles into audio books,” Jim says. “But, given the popularity of smartphones and iPads, most set-up with audio apps, it’s easy to assume there is and will be a market for books, erotica among them, in audio format.”

For me, it was a slam dunk on many levels. First and foremost, Renaissance eBooks does not hold audiobook rights for my work, so I am free to sell them (if you can retain audio rights in a contract, I suggest doing so). Secondly, Jean-Marie and Jim are all for the ‘cross-selling’ of titles; Jean-Marie has told me many a time, one of my books selling from one publisher increases the possibility that the buyer might just search my name for my other titles, leading them to all the other publishers I have books with presently.
Simply put, one sale one place has a potential of another sale someplace else. Jean Marie and Jim both know this, and embrace this paradigm of modern book publishing.

The fact that I can take the titles I have with Renaissance eBooks, and have Wordwooze create and sell them in a totally different format, proves that there are many ways to keep your stuff out there, renew one’s ‘brand,’ so to speak, and maintain healthy relationships with all your publishers…and, most importantly not burn a bridge.

Of course, you have to write the books first, and find wonderful publishers who can see the big picture, and don’t play territorial games. If you come to two (or more) publishers looking to work together to get your stuff out there, best be open to the invite, and keep those bridges well manned…man.


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