The Art and Craft of Writing and Editing by Ron Starr

The Art and Craft of Writing and Editing

by Ron Starr

218 pages
Writing is a constant dialogue between author and reader.

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About the Book
The craft of writing involves an interchange of emotions between an author and a reader. An author creates a story line, conflict, and characters, gives his characters words to speak, and then hands off these materials to a reader. This process results in a constant dialogue between the mental imagery produced by a reader and that proposed by the author.

An author, however, should never try to exert too much control over the mental images readers discover. Instead, an author should allow readers to immerse their minds in a story and discover their personal imagery.

Word crafting is also the brush and paint a writer uses to create imagery in the minds of readers so they feel drawn into the story, the characters, their lives, and their conflicts. Through word crafting and dialogue, either characters burst to life and trap a reader into continuing, or they remain lifeless, nothing more than words on paper. The former forces a reader to continue devouring the book. The latter; however, forces a reader to close the book—with a resounding thud.

A word of advice. Don’t get so caught up in the details of applying your skills that you inhibit your creativity. Word crafting and editing skills will always be secondary to an author’s ability to tell a good story, a story that maintains a reader’s interest from the first page until the last.

Or as I always admonish myself, “Without an intriguing story, you’re crafting crap.”



About the Author
Ron Starr is the author of multiple novels ranging from thrillers to human interest stories constructed around a mystery. Starr’s thrillers include a nice blend of suspense, history, and a touch of the supernatural, while his human interest stories address the struggles people face as they cope with life’s challenges.


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