My Success Story By Josie Schneider

Four months after posting my profile on LinkedIn, I was contacted by an internet media company. The professional-sounding message basically said, “We urgently need a freelance writer with a background in window treatments.”

I had that. It was an unusual combination but I had the qualifications they needed. The media company had read about my past years of experience working in the blinds and drapery industry. But my most recent job was listed as a freelance writer. Listing my past design experience on LinkedIn was not what I expected to get me a writing job. I had merely filled out the blank spaces on my profile page because they were there. I was being obedient.

But I’m a writer now. That’s the main job for potential employers to see isn’t it? Turns out it’s a good thing to list everything at which you can call yourself an expert.

My expertise in draperies, interior design and blinds got me an eight-month-long assignment writing all the content for a new website. The New York City media company had been searching far and wide for a person with my qualifications, so after signing a contract, I was thrust into the website project, devouring all aspects of it. It was a well-paying project too, and I still work with the same company from time-to-time when they call me to tweak the site.

My husband and I even visited the media company’s very hip offices in Manhattan. The young CEO fed us pizza and soda pop in a conference room while all the workers I had dealt with online stopped in to meet me.

When composing your biographies, list all those quirky and obscure things you are qualified to write about. You never know when your expertise may be the ticket to a new job.

Josie Schneider is a freelance writer and international house sitter. Inspiration gathered from around this wild planet is presented on Josie’s website – The House Sitting Travel Blog – where tips and philosophies alike reside. And don’t forget the cooking. There are photo recipes and ramblings of everything wine-related. If house sitting piques your interest, Josie has written a comprehensive how-to guide for sale at her site. See: Also, find her here and here.

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