If at First You Don’t Succeed, Do Your Own Thing By ChaChanna Simpson

About a year ago I came up with a brilliant idea. I was going to write an advice column for twentysomethings and every newspaper and magazine was going to want my column in their publication. With my newfound career as a columnist, I just knew I was going to be able to lay back and make a killing by writing my world-renowned column. I did my research on how to submit a column, wrote my query and six sample articles and after sending it to two papers and getting turned down because of budget reasons, I became discouraged. I don’t have much patience (what twentysomething does?). Then I got my new issue of WritersWeekly.com and read the success story, I Am the Publisher by Pamela White who started a food ezine. I began to think: Why should I wait for the papers to realize my column is a great idea? To heck with them, I’ll do it myself. That is when Twentity.com was born.

At first I wasn’t sure I could really pull it off. Who was I really kidding? Me, an editor and publisher? Even though I had my doubts, I bought Angela’s ebook Profitable Email Publishing. I read each page with excitement and heeded the advice and started formalizing a plan. Within a week I had come up with the sections, decided on the frequency of issues and written a press release. I remembered the ebook stated if someone is doing the same thing as you, just slant it. I thought about how I could make my ezine different from my competition. I studied the competition and noticed that they don’t list activities and events for twentysomethings to do. I created a section called Out & About, which features cheap and free events in CT, NY and NJ and added it to my tagline – Twentity.com, the free biweekly ezine for twentysomethings featuring cheap and free events