Lost Treasure Magazine

Lost Treasure Magazine
P.O. Box 451589
Grove OK 74345

Phone: (918)786-2182
Fax: (918)786-2192
Website: http://www.losttreasure.com/

Editor: Carla Banning, Managing Editor.
Email address: managingeditor-at-losttreasure.com

About The Publication:

“Lost Treasure, Inc. reviews manuscript submissions for three treasure magazines as follows: 1) Lost Treasure, a monthly publication, accepts lost treasure, folklore, personal adventure stories; legends; and how-to articles for treasure hunters and metal detector users; personal adventure stories when accompanied by a sidebar consisting of a how-to lesson or tips (hunting, research, technique, etc., related to the story); who’s who features (by query only) and miscellaneous how-to tips. 2) Treasure Cache, an annual publication, accepts only documented treasure cache stories with a sidebar from the author telling the reader how to search for the cache highlighted in the story. 3) Treasure Facts, an annual publication, accepts photos and how-to articles which include tried and true tips and techniques, from some of the world’s most experienced treasure hunters, to help make your treasure hunt a success.” 60% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 50K. Lost Treasure – Monthly; Treasure Cache/Treasure Facts – Annual. Pays on the 15th of the publication month. Publishes ms from 2 weeks to a year after acceptance. Buys all rights No reprints. Responds 2-3 weeks. Back issues can be purchased from website. Subscription $33.95; $48.95 Canada.

Current Needs:

“Original stories with photos, maps, and documentation are what we want! No rehashes of well known treasure stories; no articles that have been submitted or already published in any other treasure hunting forums. Contact editors for current editorial plan.” Querying is required for Treasure Cache but not for Lost Treasure. Contact editors for more detailed submission information.

Pays $0.04/word.


“Cover Photos – Accepted with or without accompanying story. Only vertical shots are accepted. Article Photos – Color photos, taken or scanned in .JPEG or .tiff format at 300 DPI, must be included on the disk or CD, or within or as an attachment to an e-mail. No Polaroid shots accepted. All photos must have sharp focus with good contrast.” Pays $5 for photos published with story in the magazine, $100 for cover shots published.


Welcomes New Writers: Yes