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Verge Magazine

Verge Magazine

“Verge Magazine is North America¹s resource for ‘travel with purpose.’ We cover issues related to working abroad, studying abroad and volunteering abroad, as well as ethical and responsible travel.” 80% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Online publication. Pays 45 days after publication. Publishes ms 1-6 months after acceptance. Buys First rights. No reprints. Responds within 6-8 weeks. Sample copies available online at website. Subscription $12/year. Guidelines online

Pays “$35 CDN flat fee for web submissions, $60 CDN for digital issue submission.”

SmartCEO Magazine

WritersWeekly was notified by John Wilpers on 10/1/17 that the firm is closed. It may be resurrected in the future but, for now, they’ve asked that we remove the market listing from WritersWeekly.



WritersWeekly is a division of BookLocker.com. We do not accept advertising on WritersWeekly.com’s website, nor do we accepted sponsored posts (advertorials) for the website. If you’d like to reach our readers with your marketing message, we will post your message to our social media pages, which include: ANGELA HOY’S ACCOUNTS – Angela Hoy’s Facebook Page: 2300+ […]

Onion World

WritersWeekly.com was notified by Dave Alexander at Onion World on 5/13/17 that they are “no longer looking for freelancers.”


The link for this publication is dead and the editor has not responded to emails from WritersWeekly