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Lake Superior Magazine

Lake Superior Magazine
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Editor: Konnie LeMay, Editor.
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About The Publication:

“Lake Superior Magazine covers the watershed and extended neighborhood of Lake Superior – including the shores of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario. All stories must have a regional focus. We are more in the style of the old Look and Life magazines, with solid journalism as well as lifestyle stories and fantastic photography (for which we are noted).” Welcomes new writers. 50% freelance. Circ. 20K. Bimonthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 2-12 months after acceptance. Buys first NA rights. Accepts some reprints. Responds within 3-6 months.

Pays $75-$400 for 600-2500 words.

Current Needs:

“For first-time writers, I encourage suggesting a story for a department. You can see the table of contents of back issues online to give you an idea of the variety.” Pays $75-$400 for 600-2500 words. Submit “complete ms is great, but a well-done query works just as well. I appreciate a query that essentially uses what might be the lead paragraph for the story – it gives me an idea of your focus and your style. A short paragraph about your background is helpful. Emailed queries are fine, but they also risk being accidentally deleted or lost in the mass of emails.”

Pays $75-$400 for 600-2500 words


“We have several photographers with whom we work, but do let me know if you have photos to submit with the story.” Pays $50/interior and $150/cover photo.


“Please do review what the magazine does, either online (even though it’s not an e-zine, you can see past stories online) and know the past year so that you do not pitch a story that we’ve just done. And absolutely do not send me a story query about something happening in Hawaii (yes, an actual query). It is, after all, Lake Superior Magazine. Also – we do not accept freebies from sources and that includes overnight stays or cruises or anything of that nature. If you have done this in the course of pursuing the story before contacting me, please let me know about it.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

2 Responses to "Lake Superior Magazine"

  1. donald kemp Kemp  September 13, 2020 at 8:08 pm

    Would you be interested in a few incidents of our family vacations from late 1930s ,and early, 1940’s
    When the water was clear ten feet to the bottom. The big storm that almost blew our tent down and pitched one of the boats 200 feet over the trees. The muski that dad fought with about an hour. The two pike’s we caught in the ruins of the basement from the old logging days. All from Bay Mills point after Dad got permission from Chief Wyisky (I’ll get the correct spelling for him from the log books my mother kept).

    • Brian Whiddon - Managing Editor  September 17, 2020 at 11:29 am

      You’ll need to contact the publication directly per their submission instructions. Comments on these markets come back directly here.