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Khabar Magazine
3635 Savannah Place Drive, Suite 400
Duluth GA 30024

Phone: 770-451-3067

Editor: Parthiv Parekh
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About The Publication:

“Khabar Magazine is a monthly print magazine serving Indian-American readers. Started in 1992, Khabar is one of the largest publications in the U.S. to serve Indian-Americans. At a readership of over 120,000, our robust, 140-plus pages, full-color monthly print magazine is a dynamic force in the market we serve: the Indian community of metro Atlanta, with distribution and readership spread throughout Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. OUR CONTENT: Besides being cited in the ‘Best of Atlanta’ annual issue of Atlanta magazine and awarded ‘Best of Gwinnett (County),’ Khabar has received several awards for its content and design from publishing and journalism organizations. Exclusive interviews of notable Indian-American and others relevant to the diaspora is a dominant theme in the magazine. Award-winning articles by some of the diaspora’s best writers: thought-provoking and entertaining cover stories, interviews, essays, opinions, analysis, perspectives, and more. Our content relates to three broad categories: the Indian-American community of metro-Atlanta, the national Indian-American diaspora, and broad themes from India as well as Indian culture and society. Note: Despite our name, which means ‘To know’ or ‘News,’ we are not a news publication, but rather a features magazine.” Pays on the 15th of the month that the article is published. Buys all rights. Please check guidelines for reprint submissions. Responds within a week for acceptance. Guidelines available upon request by email.

Pays $75-$500/article

Current Needs:

“We welcome features, reports, perspectives, opinions, analyses, commentaries, interviews, essays, short stories, humor, and other formats of articles appropriate for a variety features magazine serving the Indian-American community. Besides writing about people, events, happenings, and issues relevant to this target audience, some specific themes we frequently entertain are those pertaining to POC, immigrant/immigration issues, assimilation, and bi-cultural living. We welcome submissions from South Asian as well as mainstream writers.” Pays $75-$500/article, depending on length, quality, experience and level of match to current needs. Articles range 700-2400 words, and 3000-3500 words for cover stories. “Submit resume, cover letter, links to published articles and a synopsis of proposed article or a full draft (preferred) by email.”



“Articles accompanied by relevant photos are preferred.”


“Inquiring about whether and how to submit, instead of actually submitting your pitch with a proper synopsis or full draft, along with resume, links to published work, etc.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes