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FAMILY Magazine, BOOM Magazine, Sassy Magazine
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Editor: Betsy Tavernier, Editor
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About The Publication:

“FAMILY Magazine is for the savvy local mom in the Michiana (Southwest Michigan, Northern Indiana) area, focused on mothers with kids 12 and under. BOOM Magazine is for the baby boomers ages 51-74 in the same area, and Sassy Magazine is for Michiana Businesswomen who do it all — work, life, balance, sass — with integrity.” 50-75% freelance. Welcomes new writers. Circ. 25K. Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms approx. 5-6 weeks after acceptance. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Responds within one month. Sample articles available online. Subscription free.

Current Needs:

Articles about women in business, local spotlights and things to do in our area, subjects interesting to baby boomers and businesswomen, helpful, tip-driven articles for all three demographics.” . Submit query by email

Pays $30 for 700-1000 words.


“Not required, but always appreciated as long as you own the rights to the photo/art.”


“Please do not tell me when it would be a good idea to publish the article; I already know when I’m going to publish it if I decide to (for instance, you don’t have to tell me that an article about beach safety would be a good idea to publish in the summer… I’m pretty savvy about weather and the timeliness of beach-going). Do not send ANY health-related articles — no diet, no exercise, no vaccinations, nada — as we have a very strict protocol and ONLY use locals for these articles. DO have a sense of humor about parenting. DO read the writers’ guidelines BEFORE you send me anything. DO NOT ask me for the writers’ guidelines, as they are already on the website(s). Do not write me again to ask me if I received your query. I did. I will email you back if I plan to use it. I probably won’t if I don’t. If you quote someone, source it. And, for the love of God, spell things correctly. If your query letter has typos, I’m not even going to read past the first line because you’ll be an editing nightmare.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes