Update on Richard’s Vasculitis

I’m writing this on Monday night. Richard’s vasculitis is coming and going and it got worse over the weekend and included something new – red lines under his skin (no, not the blood poisoning type). And, his other ankle swelled up. As of this morning, we’ve been waiting a week for a referral to a rheumatologist. I called the doctor’s office right when they opened this morning and expressed my frustration (you know how I can be!). They immediately called Richard back and told him they can’t find a rheumatologist who can see him before July! The doctor offered to admit him to the hospital. That would mean a local rheumatologist would have to take him on as a patient. Richard said no, and asked them to try to find one in Portland (3 hours away…2 1/2 hours if I’M driving). We waited another few hours and the phone didn’t ring again. I called them back and learned our doctor had called a local rheumatologist on our behalf, asking for a favor, and that guy is trying to find an opening in his schedule for Richard, thank God. So, now we’re back to waiting. We’re also waiting for the last batch of lab results. In the meantime, Richard isn’t feeling very well so I’m spoiling him, which he deserves. We’d really appreciate prayers from everyone!


The specialist has agreed to see Richard, but not until sometime next week. In the meantime, he sent Richard to be tested for Lyme Disease.

In other news, if Richard isn’t in the hospital, we’re planning to take the RV to our land for a nice, long, relaxing (I hope!) Mother’s Day weekend. We took the truck there for an afternoon last weekend and it was so beautiful. The trees were budding, the birds were singing, and there were fresh deer tracks. I put Mason down so he could explore. His eyes got huge with delight as he dug his hands into the dirt and started squishing it in between his fingers. He started crawling around really fast because he was so excited. I didn’t take my eyes off him, knowing the moment I did a handful of dirt would end up in his mouth. A few minutes later, still keeping my eyes glued to Mason, I said to Richard, “Don’t take your eyes off him. I’m going to grab the camera.”

The very second I turned my back, he picked up a large pebble and popped it in his mouth. Richard grabbed him and pulled it out. That put an end to Mason’s dirt days. We detest playpens because we feel they inhibit a child’s creativity. But, Mason is getting a playpen before we go back to the land this weekend! He doesn’t need to eat rocks. Lord knows his new little baby teeth are sharp enough!

This week’s Maxism:

Max has been playing outside in the Spring sunshine every afternoon, soaking up that Vitamin D and immersing himself in the world of grass, dirt and bugs. On Friday afternoon, he came inside and said, “Mommy, I need a magic wand. I need to turn myself into a grasshopper. ”

Hugs to all!


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