Ugly Pancake Update (Groan!)

Ugly Pancake Update (Groan!)

Several readers have written in asking for an update on “pancake,” my gelatinized blood clot that is still in my leg following my falling-off-the-boat accident last November.

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Yes, sadly, Pancake is still hanging on. She stopped shrinking about 6 weeks ago, and is remaining steadfast at 2 1/2″ x 2 1/4″. However, the worst part is that the nerve damage did not get any better so I have a large portion of skin (about 10″ x 4″) that has no feeling whatsoever on my leg around pancake.

However, if something pushes on my leg, even just slightly, I get this really weird, uncomfortable feeling under the skin. I have a “dead” portion of skin above my left eyebrow from a teenage injury that never got better so nerve damage weirdness isn’t anything new to me. That graceful move involved standing on a front porch swing…which promptly flipped over, earning me a concussion.

Everyone is also asking me what I’m planning to do about Pancake. I’m trying to drink more fluids and I massage pancake several times a day (she doesn’t like that at ALL) in the hopes she will eventually go away. If she doesn’t, I’m just going to accept the fact that I have a very noticeable reminder in my upper leg to BE CAREFUL when stepping on or off boats. I don’t want to risk an infection by having Pancake removed.

Besides, it’s a great conversation piece when talking about boats, or attending dock parties. I yank up my dress and people instantly recoil in horror. Heh… 😉

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