“Save the neck for me, Clark!” (and updated pics from my falling-off-the-boat accident)

“Save the neck for me, Clark!” (and updated pics from my falling-off-the-boat accident)

Matt and Sarah’s ginormous tree.

Several years ago, I purchased all of my favorite Christmas movies on iTunes and, each year, we watch them all over again. Sometimes two or three times a season! My favorite is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. And, my absolute favorite scene is the dried up turkey dinner fiasco, which you can watch RIGHT HERE.

Oh, that Uncle Eddie!

My second favorite is One Magic Christmas because that one features the REAL Santa! Not sure how they secured him for that gig but he did an excellent job!

I also love The Santa Clause, Elf, A Christmas Story, and Jingle All the Way, as well as many of the classics.

Our son, Matt, and his wife, Sarah, have a new baby so his family can’t come see us in Florida for Christmas anymore. Like most parents, they want to have Christmas in their own home. However, he has carried on the traditions of watching Christmas Vacation…and buying a HUGE tree. He sent a picture, saying Sarah let him buy the biggest one on the lot. I’m so proud!!

My Gimpy Leg – 4 weeks after falling off the boat

This Saturday, our daughter is coming to the satellite office here in town to help me wrap presents since I still have a gimpy leg. If I get up for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time, it starts to swell and ache. I started drawing on it with a Sharpie to see if the size of the clot has diminished. My measuring methods with a cloth measuring tape weren’t very precise. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be getting smaller, meaning it’s not be reabsorbed into my body. I’ve decided to wait until after Christmas to have the doc slice into it. I don’t want to experience any complications that might ruin Christmas for everyone else. The good news is, I’ll get out of doing any Christmas dinner cooking or dishes, just like I did at Thanksgiving. Hooray! 😉

I’d LOVE to read about some of your favorite Christmas movies and traditions! Please share in the Comments box below. Maybe you know of a really good but relatively unknown Christmas movie I may have missed?? 🙂


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