STILL GROTESQUELY SWOLLEN but the Doc Says I’m Not Gonna Die! (Includes a new photo!)

STILL GROTESQUELY SWOLLEN but the Doc Says I’m Not Gonna Die! (Includes a new photo!)

Last week, I shared photos of my injuries from falling off our boat. This past Saturday, it wasn’t any smaller and was, in fact, larger. I found a sports medicine place in Tampa that was not only open on Saturday, but also had an urgent care center on site, so off I went.

Turns out the large glob sticking out of my leg is a blood clot that is now the consistency of gelatin, which is not unusual for this type of injury. It will take “several weeks” to be reabsorbed into my body. They gave me the option of draining it. The doc said they would make an incision and insert a tube but it would take quite awhile because sucking out gelatinous material through a tube can be time consuming. He lost me at the word “incision.” Plus, doing that would increase the chance of infection, and also prolong the healing process because the natural drainage channels would be disrupted.

The lump is so large that you can see it sticking out of my leg under my dress. Wearing shorts is out of the question because I don’t want to terrify young children, nor make adults faint.

The doc said the risk of a blood clot traveling to my lungs or elsewhere is very low because of the location of the injury but he advised me to start taking aspirin as a precaution. He also told me to switch from ice to a heating pad but I switched BACK to ice last night. Each time I have to be up and about for an hour or more, it swells more. And, then it doesn’t go back down. So, it just keeps getting bigger. See?


Our Managing Editor, Brian Whiddon, and I are teaching a class at a local middle school tomorrow. Other than that, I will be on my back with my leg up as much as possible for the foreseeable future. Kinda sucks but I am very lucky. If I’d hit my head that hard, I’d be dead.

Brian is also our captain and I’ve asked him to start looking for a local firm to custom build a gang plank for us. I would be devastated if this happened to one of the children. Of course…they are far more graceful than I am. 😉

Part III of this story (about the E.R. doc treating me like a junkie) is RIGHT HERE.

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