Tooth Stuck in Badminton Net…

Max’s two front teeth stick out a bit and the dentist pointed out to me last week that they’re being pushed out more each time Max swallows. When he swallows, since there is so much space between his teeth, he instinctively pushes his tongue against his front teeth while he sucks in. This breaks off the air and makes it possible for him to swallow. She said we should look into braces sooner rather than later. I thought we should still wait a bit since he still has some baby teeth. But, maybe I was wrong.

On Monday afternoon, he came inside to tell me that, while he was playing badminton with Daddy, his front tooth got caught in the net. So, I guess I’ll be calling the orthodontist…sooner rather than later.

This week’s Maxism:

“It’s okay for big boys to cry when they really need to.”


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