We Need Prayers for 4-Year-Old Jack, Please!

We Need Prayers for 4-Year-Old Jack, Please!

Four of our family members have Covid. Two adults and two toddlers.

Adult #1. Loss of smell and odd taste issues (candy tastes like chemicals), and some fatigue. No other symptoms. She is taking care of everyone else. I volunteered to come help since I’ve already had Covid but she was afraid I might get sick all over again.

Adult #2. VERY ill last weekend and early this week. Had a fever and confusion (Covid brain), sore throat, coughing, etc. Could not sleep. A bit better the past couple of days but still coughing and having back spasms (very common with Covid – we had those really bad, too). The back spasms are like charley horses in the back. LOTS of them at the same time. Your entire back cinches up and it literally takes your breath away. Scary and very painful because nobody (that we know) has experienced this odd symptom with other illnesses in the past.

Child #1. Age 2. Fever, runny nose, coughing, and had energy, an appetite, and was in good spirits…until this morning. She woke up screaming. We think it’s back spasms. They curled her up in a ball and she felt better after that. The fetal position stretches out the back muscles. She also gets swollen eyes when she is ill so that symptom was not alarming.

Child #2. Age 4. Jack. He had a fever and a sore throat a week and a half ago. We think  he’s the one who caught it first. He seemed better, but then got worse again. He’s had it the worst in the family. A fever, horrible cough throughout, and very bad back spasms that had him up crying last night. He said his tummy hurt but then he pointed to his lower back. His daddy was up watching him last night, very worried. Two days ago, he was listless and very ill. He had more energy yesterday but last night was a rough one.

Adult #1 has been trying everything to get the kids to eat something – anything. They have no appetite.

If you are a praying person, please pray for our family. We would very, very much appreciate it.


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