Things Break…in Threes

In the past two weeks, my laptop’s hard drive had a meltdown, our main drive here at the home office died and our refrigerator broke. Richard rushed my laptop to the computer place and paid their emergency hourly rate to get it back quickly (they saved all my data!) and then raced the main drive there for the same service. We use that place so much that the manager actually came out to shake Richard’s hand and tell him we’re one of their best customers.

The computers were fine, but we were out of luck on the fridge. Sears can’t make it out to the house for 10 whole days. Luckily, both freezers are still working.

When each new holiday comes along, I swear I’m not going to buy any more decorations. Lord knows I have plenty in the attic. But, as I venture out to the stores, some special seasonal bauble always catches my eye. This year, it was a life-size, bendable skeleton at the new party store by the mall. I thought it would be perfect for the RV. We can twist his arm around the ladder on the back of the RV and make it look like he’s hanging on for dear life. But, when I looked at the price tag, I decided to wait. I really couldn’t see the point in paying $60 for a rubber skeleton.

I told the children about him and, at their urging, decided to go back to the store to buy him that weekend. Max is a skeleton freak (he has three small plastic ones and a book about real skeletons) and he was very excited about it. But, when we back to the party store, the price had risen to $80. I told he children that was just WAY too much and we weren’t going to buy it. Max was very disappointed but smiled when I bought him another $3 small, plastic skeleton.

Last weekend, Max got a belated birthday card from his aunt and uncle and found a twenty dollar bill inside! He pulled it out and yelled, “Money!” Then he started running around his room, yelling, “I’m going to buy Mommy’s skeleton! I’m going to buy Mommy’s skeleton!”

We honestly didn’t have the heart to tell him he didn’t have enough money. So, we went back to the party store the next day and Max now owns a 6-foot tall plastic, bendable skeleton. Max is thrilled (he talks to him) and he really does look cute on the back of the RV. Click HEREfor a peek.

Hugs to all!

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