There’s No Place Like Home…

We sustained yet ANOTHER blow-out last week on our way back to Maine. This one happened in Arkansas and put us several hours behind schedule. We found out the tire we’d had put on in Illinois was too small, causing its partner to blow two weeks later. That means we wasted nearly $500 on a mis-sized tire which then ended up costing us another $500 (for its replacement and the blown one in Arkansas – which also meant we’d been overcharged for the undersized tire!). You can bet that first tire shop is going to be hearing from me. If they don’t refund my money, I’ll issue a chargeback to the credit card bill. I am really mad that the original tire guy not only ripped us off but also put us in danger!

After we got the two new tires, the RV started jumping all over the road again and we realized something was wrong again. We stopped at yet another tire shop, found out it was probably a bad tire, and then had to turn around and drive 87 miles backward on our route to get replacements from the place we’d gone to that morning (it was that or buy another 2 new tires from the other place). Are you confused yet? It happened last week and I’m still confused! Anyway, we got the two new tires just fine and nothing else broke all the way home. Yea!

We were very sad to discover one of our kitties missing when we got home. Zach and Matt said they thought they saw him last week, but when I mentioned it to our ditzy neighbor, she said, “Oh, yes, I thought that was your cat but wasn’t sure so I called animal control. They picked him up last week.” She’e been to our house many times and has held and stroked Mittens, was helping to keep an eye on the house and she had our home number, Zach’s cell and my cell yet she still called animal control! Can you believe that?!

We checked the Humane Society on Saturday but they only showed us the new arrivals. We went back there on Monday armed with the new information and they did indeed have Mittens!!! He was very happy to see us and he’s now once again home and very, very happy. On Monday afternoon, we went to the pet supply store and bought him a harness since he’s managed to get out of the last dozen leashes we bought for him. Oh, and yes, he has an electronic chip in his neck…but the Humane Society forgot to scan him on arrival. They scanned him on Monday, at my request, and the chip is indeed still working. They apologized for the oversight.

After many tears and prayers over the weekend, we are all very happy that the entire family is back together again.

Hugs to all!

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