The Grand Prix is Coming to Town…So We’re LEAVING!

The Grand Prix is Coming to Town…So We’re LEAVING!

We moved onto the boat in June. Then, our busy season began. And, through all that, we had lots of boat repairs and upgrades to make. Now that the holidays have passed, we’re planning our first weekend sailing trip! It’ll be the second weekend of March. Why did we schedule it then?

Well, each year in St. Petersburg, Florida, the “Grand Prix” comes to town. They block off numerous roads through downtown for the event. Yes, race cars are racing right next to buildings…but there are cement barriers and high fences. There have been a few crashes over the years but I don’t think any have hit the buildings.

We lived in a downtown high-rise apartment last year during the race. And, despite the hurricane proof doors and windows, the noise was deafening! From 7:30 a.m. until close to dinnertime, our heads were buzzing with that sounded like gigantic, pre-historic mosquitoes. For three days, it was sheer torture.

So, this year, we’re going to do what many liveaboards in St. Pete do. We’re leaving town on our boat, heading to an island to catch some sun (and maybe some fish!). And, we’re super excited!!

First thing on our list of preparations is me practicing pulling the boat in and out of the slip. If I’m not very good at it, I’ll have somebody record my attempts and we’ll post the video right here for your entertainment. I think we’re gonna need some extra fenders! 😉


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2 Responses to "The Grand Prix is Coming to Town…So We’re LEAVING!"

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  2. pamelaallegretto  February 4, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    Smart move! And yes, we want a video of your “driving.” I bet you do great!