Sugar-Free Momma

Two weeks ago I got to drink a nasty orange concoction and then have my blood tested. Last week, the results were in and I was told I’m borderline diabetic. I was pretty discouraged by that news and was ordered to cut way back on sugar and carbs for the remainder of the pregnancy (lots of protein and veggies, brown rice instead of white, that sort of thing).

Oddly enough, since I started immediately avoiding sugar, I’ve felt really bad. When I do eat now, my heart races and I sweat and I have to sit down for long periods. The symptoms go away about an hour after I eat. It’s getting to where I’m afraid to eat because I know what’s going to happen. While I did have some of these symptoms before I started the special diet, they only happened every few days. Now, they happen several times each day. I’m pretty bummed about it and, since I feel worse now, I think maybe something else is wrong or the test was flawed. We’re going back to the doc next week. Thankfully, the baby is due in 11 weeks. So, only 11 more weeks and things will get back to normal…with my body anyway. Things will definitely get different around here!!


Hugs to everybody!


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