Staying in Summer!

The evenings are getting a bit chilly here in Bangor, Maine…and that’s our cue to head south and west in an attempt to extend our summer by a couple of months!

The RV is packed and we’re leaving early tomorrow morning. Yeehaw!!

During previous trips, it took hours to find just the right campgrounds with wireless Internet access (WiFi). There are lots and lots of websites online that feature hotspots, but none that have them have all, or even most of the hotspots available. So, we decided to do something about it. We thought how cool it would be to have a map that you could click on to find WiFi campgrounds along your vacation route. So, we sent Matt here in our office on what he certainly thought was an endless quest to locate as many WiFi-enabled campgrounds that he could find. It took several months (and Matt’s still finding new campgrounds because more and more are getting WiFi each day) and we were then ready to throw the data to our tech gurus, who developed the database and mapping application according to our specs. It sure was fun, after all those months of research and planning, to flip the switch and make our new toy live! You can play with it yourself right here:

So, now our trip planning is a breeze. I can either click a departure and destination area, or search a radius around a certain town, and all the WiFi campgrounds, their contact info. and links pop up instantly. And, only hours after Richard pitched the story about our new database to the press, they started contacting us! Even campgrounds that aren’t yet in our database are emailing, asking to be included. You can bet Matt is very happy about that!

But, the best part of all is that I no longer have to get frustrated trying to find WiFi campgrounds along our route using creative key words in google. I just have to open our very own database and start clicking!

Our travel essays for the 2005 Fall Nostalgia Trip will begin at tomorrow night. We’ll be in Burlington, Vermont. And, do you know what’s there? The Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory! Yea!!!

Hugs to all!

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