Spring Flood!

After bragging last week about our temperatures getting up into the 50’s, we had a massive winter storm on Friday night. We only got about six inches of snow but then we were deluged with ice and then rain and flooding. On Saturday morning, we literally had a muddy river of cold water flowing down our street, complete with ice chunks. It was very interesting and pretty exciting. Thank goodness the snow banks created by the plows on the sides of the road kept the flood going down the road, toward the river. Otherwise, some people might have ended up with flooded basements.

Max and Mason were “balling” today (stacking cans and knocking them down with a ball). Later, Max was trying to figure out how to be invisible. He spun around in circles and said, “Hocus Pocus.” He thinks that’s what God does to be invisible, but can’t figure out why it won’t work for him.

Love is in the air. Ali has a new boyfriend, and Frank has a new girlfriend. Richard made brownies this afternoon. The aroma of warm, moist chocolate makes me think about how much I love him!. If he’d bring me a brownie right now, I’d be even happier, but they’re for dessert tonight. Darn. He’s also making stir-fry for dinner. Mmm…

This week’s Maxism:

I was drying my hair the other night while Max was taking his bubble bath. His voice piped up from behind the shower curtain. “Mommy, I saw the “girl” that Daddy likes at Sam’s.”

My eyebrows shot up with surprise, knowing there was some confusion. I smiled and said, “Oh, REALLY?!”

He replied, “Yeah, it’s very expensive and it comes with a propane tank.”

Hugs to all!


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