Six States in Five Days

Except for a severe storm that rocked the RV for hours, Navarre Florida was perhaps the most relaxing stop we’ve had while RVing. We really enjoyed that campground and the area there. There is still quite a bit of visible hurricane damage. You can definitely see who had insurance and who, sadly, didn’t. But, the area is in good shape, for the most part, and there are plenty of shops, restaurants, campgrounds and fishing charters to serve visitors!

We left Florida and headed northeast, through a sliver of Alabama and into Georgia. Frank, Max and I all got a minor stomach virus around that time and our heater block leaked coolant in the passenger side of the RV (we figured out how to make it stop doing that until we can have it serviced in Maine).

South Carolina was warm and sticky and the No Seeums were out in force. I overpowered them with my trusty can of hairspray. We got to meet our friend, Harry Knickerbocker, for the first time in person and had a fun dinner with him.

The weather changed from warm and humid to cool and breezy around the border of the Carolinas. We were heading north, toward Atlantic Beach, to stay on another oceanfront campground and visit my sister, who is about to move to California. We spent all day Monday relaxing on the beach, cooking hotdogs, burgers, shrimp, and flounder, and then s’mores. Days like that make me dream about retirement someday!

I’m working today, using my trusty T-Mobile card, while Richard is driving. Next stop? Virginia Beach, Virginia. Tomorrow we’re taking the children to tour the battlefields in Williamsburg for a homeschooling history lesson. The farther north we travel, the cooler it gets. We’ve been trying to hook Spring onto our bumper, but it keeps slipping off!

You can read about last week’s adventures in detail and see photos at:

Hugs to all!

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