Romantic Weekend Trip!

Romantic Weekend Trip!

Richard is taking me on a romantic getaway this weekend and our oldest son, Zach, will be caring for the boys…and the new puppy. Even though Coco’s crate (I call it her hidey-hole) is very large, we’re going to put it in the back of the truck, and deliver it to Zach with the boys. Coco sleeps very well in her crate at night and we don’t want that to end.

The weather is absolutely perfect right now! The evenings are cool enough for the hot tub and the afternoons are warm enough for shorts and t-shirts. Yesterday, we had a front come through. Richard and I were on our way home from a meeting in Clearwater and I caught this beautiful shot. It looks like tiny waterspouts but it’s actually an updraft of moisture. A cloud bank was exploding overhead and it was so pretty. Mother Nature is AWESOME!! šŸ™‚


After Mittens was teased by Coco the puppy one too many times, he swiped at her. Mason got upset, and said, “I want to learn the cats’ language. I need to be able to talk to cats.”

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