Richard Returns and Two Maxisms This Week!

Richard is back in Maine after a short trip to Corpus Christi, Texas for a family illness. He managed to fly out just ahead of Hurricane Ike…which appears to be heading to Corpus now. Shwew! We sure missed him!! 🙁

This week’s Maxisms:

Max woke up bright and early on his birthday, stretched really tall, and said, “Do I look like I’m seven?!”

I replied, “You sure do!”

He slumped, sighed, and said, “But I still feel like I’m six…”

And this is what can happen if you let your child watch Thomas the Tank Engine videos on YouTube:

Max was in his room, pretending with his Thomas the Tank Engine trains. He was making Sir Topham Hat yell at one of the trains, saying, “You’re scrap! Go to the scrap yard!”

The train would then beg in Max’s high-pitched voice, “Please, sir! I’m a brand new engine!”

And Sir Topham Hat would reply in Max’s low, gruff voice, “It doesn’t matter! Go to the scrapyard!”

I finally interrupted Max and said, “Gosh, Max. I feel sorry for that poor train. Why don’t you let him stay with the other engines?”

He replied, “It’s okay, Mom. This one is Thomas the SKANK Engine.”

Hugs to all!


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