Outwitting Deer? I hope so!

We spent the Memorial Day weekend at the “homestead” in western Maine. Richard and Frank started building a storage shed, Frank made a garden for me and I spent a lot of time inside the RV with Mason. The black flies were out in force and Mason doesn’t yet know how to swat them out of his face. He did sustain one bite. One of the little buggers got to him in the RV. Max occupied himself by building little dams in the stream and then knocking them down. We heard wild turkeys calling to each other all weekend. Frank also found some firefly larvae. They had little glowing dots on their butts! Frank and Max were, needless to say, thrilled.

While it’s easy to grow veggies that children don’t like, it’s difficult to find ones that deer won’t devour. My new garden includes plants that deer aren’t supposed to enjoy. The fact is, no plant is deer-proof, but we’re going to try our best to dissuade them. In the middle of the garden, Frank planted vegetables they don’t usually like, and surrounded those with herbs that deter deer. I’ll let you know how it goes. He then surrounded the garden with stones and even made stone steps leading from our clearing to the garden. It was a wonderful gift! We got our list of veggies and herbs from Outwitting Deer: 101 Truly Ingenious Methods and Proven Techniques to Prevent Deer from Devouring Your Garden and Destroying Your Yard by Bill Adler Jr.

Richard’s feeling very good. All his test results have come back negative. They took him off his thyroid medication (temporarily) over a week ago and he’s getting weekly blood tests to ensure his thyroid is still functioning okay. The prednisone dose was lowered to 30 micrograms and the vasculitis, joint swelling and abdominal pains have not returned. I pray the problem was just from the increase in the thyroid medication dose. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! I’ll keep posting updates here.

This week’s Maxism: Mason was crawling across the living room and, as always, his diaper was poking out of the top of his little britches. Max was crawling alongside him, gently pulling on the top of the diaper. Curious, I asked, “What are you doing?”

He turned to me, smiled, and replied, “I’m giving Mason a wedgie.”

Hugs to all!


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