Our Little Comedian

Frank, age 12, who has always been the class clown (before we started homeschooling him anyway) has a very quick, very bright sense of humor. He can really keep us rolling most days.

The other day, Frank and Ali were lounging downstairs, watching a disaster movie. I was in the other room, but heard Dennis Quaid’s voice and recognized some of the dialogue, which went something like this: “Residents are urged to remain indoors and use any type of fuel available to stay warm…”

I wracked my brain but couldn’t remember the name of the movie, so I hollered out, “Hey, what are ya’ll watching?”

Without missing a beat, Frank hollered back, “The Weather Channel.”

Ali’s 70s party last weekend was a huge success! We included the adults in the games as well (including the water balloon toss and the hula hoop contest) and everybody had a great time. My Carol Brady costume got some good reviews from attendees and Richard’s, um, acid rocker look may have scared some of the children at the party. You can see a photo of me and my sweet, quiet and shy computer genius husband in our costumes HERE.


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