Oh Dear! The In-Laws Are STILL Here!!

We’re having a great time with the in-laws. These are actually nice in-laws, so you can stop feeling sorry for me. 😉

We’ve been to Bar Harbor, on a day-trip to our land, out to a great lunch with author Mark LaFlamme (The Pink Room) and his wife, and to an endless array of restaurants. We’ve been shopping, the women have been cooking together, and the men have been fixing things around the house. I’ve managed to stay caught up with my work (pretty much) because everybody else wants to hold the baby all the time, and we’ve even managed to get in some silly time, like watching an entire season of The Office together (Richard bought an entire season of episodes online) and making homemade, personalized Bobble Heads (we got the idea from The Office).

It’ll sure be quiet around her, and boring, after they leave on Thursday.

I have to go. We need more paper mache material for the bobble heads and Granny Rita wants to go to the candy store. Yum!

Oh, and the great news for the week is that Mason’s follow-up x-ray for his pneumonia came back normal! Thank God!

Hugs to all!

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