No Longer A Dizzy Blonde

My one trip to the physical therapist did the trick and the vertigo I reported last week hasn’t returned. Yea! Richard is happy about that because he wasn’t looking forward to doing all the driving on our Spring Seeking trip. Yes, we’ve once again taken the business and family on the road! As I write this, we just passed over the Maryland / West Virginia border and are heading to a KOA campground in Virginia that has high-speed wireless Internet access. We’ll be keeping our entire publishing business going via wi-fi Internet connections across several states. (We actually are more productive on the road – probably because there are less mundane daily things to deal with when your home is only 24-feet long.) You can track our progress and (mis?)adventures at:

Our dog, Percy, is along for the trip and he’s having a great time leaving his ummm mark in every state along the way. We were thrilled today to finally find some grass that wasn’t brown and covered with three feet of snow! While there is still some S.S.S. (shady spot snow) in Pennsylvania, we saw far more grass than white stuff there. We haven’t found any buds on trees yet, but we’re looking for them and we’ll let you know just where Spring seems to be when we find it.

Hugs to all!

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